Bayshore Council Resolution for Board Membership


Whereas the Bayshore Council (a) is a New Jersey nonprofit, public benefit corporation with Members and perpetual duration and succession and (b) is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of advocating for the health and sustainability of NJ’s Bayshore communities, from the Cape May Canal to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, amplifying the voice of Bayshore issues and community needs and facilitating a healthy balance of conservation and economic vitality.

Whereas the purposes of the Council are:

1.    To conduct education, communication, organizing, and advocacy to restore, improve,  preserve and sustain the environment , natural and engineered beaches, waterways, wildlife habitat, ecosystems, and public lands which surround the communities of the Delaware Bay and it’s watershed:

2.    To ensure that Bayshore Communities have a vibrant sustainable economy, adequate and resilient infrastructure, telecommunications, services, community resources and funding and that they are treated equitably by county, state and federal agencies,

3.    To provide technical information, support, coordination and to undertake such programs, activities and projects as are consistent with Bayshore Council purposes and values and deemed appropriate by consensus of the member communities within the Council.

4.    The Bayshore Council will seek common ground in Bayshore communities and facilitate partnership activities that will result in healthier communities, more resilient infrastructure and a stronger tourism and natural resource based or natural resource compatible economy for all Bayshore communities. 

5.    The Council will not limit its activities to efforts that benefit every Bayshore Community, so long as one or more Bayshore municipalities benefits.

6.    Where possible, the council will lessen the burdens of Bayshore local governments and increase their voice in Trenton and Washington, DC and heighten appreciation and stewardship for the region nationwide.

7.    The Bayshore Council commits to working collaboratively with our elected representatives, state and federal governments, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties, and all their constituent agencies, in the public interest on these matters for the greater good of all our communities, the environment, Bayshore residents and the Delaware Bay and it’s watershed. 

8.    Any other activities deemed necessary by the members to further the purpose of the Council.

Whereas ______________ Township is a BayshoreCommunity, and


Whereas membership in the Bayshore Council is important to the township,


Therefore, be it resolved that ___________________________ be appointed as__________________’s


Official representative to the Bayshore Counciland that ________________________________ serve as alternate. 


I, ____________________________name, _____________________________title hereby certify the forgoin is a true and accurate copy of a resolution unanimoiusly adopted by committee on _______________________date regular meeting at _______time.