Delaware Bayshore Council

30 August 2017




Call to order


Roll Call/Introductions

Carol Mattesick

Kathleen Mills

Barney Hollinger

Bob Brewer


Lou Joyce

Meghan Wren

Ernie Zirkle

Rick Brown

Bob Campbell

Bob Brewer

Ben Stowman


Fran Rapa

Norris Clark

Renee Brecht

Emma Melvin

Dave Buschek

Jonathan Atwood


Chairman’s Report

Norris’ term ended in July per bylaws. Rec’d sponsorship per Van Drew to participate on the board; this was previously to Jonathan Atwood. Jonathan will serve as staff for $1 per year.


There remain gaps to fill on board membership; it is available online at


Annual Report Development

  1. Build platform (i.e., the coalition)

  2. Identify critical challenges and issues to the region

  3. Make good policy recommendations

    1. Deadline Oct 23 recommended as week of report release with policy recommendations.


Norris reviewed the process for the annual report:

  1. Today, review the 7 threats we identified

  2. Vote to prioritize the threats

  3. Volunteers to draft a report (1 person per critical issue minimum) to come up with policy recommendation

  4. Norris & Meghan will do final editing

  5. Present to board in early Oct board meeting.



Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Presentation: Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan

Presenters: Emily Baumbach

Kaitlin Collins



This document provides a strategic plan for partners engaged in work in the Delaware Estuary (NJ, PA, and DE). The document in non-regulatory. The current overarching framework was presented to the Coalition for public input.



  • Clean Waters

  • Strong Communities

  • Healthy Habitats


Annual Report Discussion


Norris led a discussion on prioritizing the critical threats.


Meghan noted the need to include restoration as a policy ask. It was noted that it could fall both under natural resources & economic development. Rick Brown noted that  #4, lack of baywide effort, is umbrella to many of these and should nest some of them. There was a consensus was to nest when possible.


A decision was made to move #3 Mouth of Maurice to #1 shoreline.  This was ok’d by Maurice River Township and Commercial representatives and to remove loss of protection.

Other notes and decisions to nest:

  • Economics will include oyster, and pilot funding. Oyster restorations will fit as a solution under economics.

  • Fran Rapa brought up pilot funding. It was decided to go under economic. Bob Campbell updated council on the current status.  Pilot funding will be an ask.

  • Infrastructure to be rolled up into both shoreline erosion and economic threats

  • Kaitlin Collins, PDE, asked what are the goals of the threats

  • Dave Busheck pointed out how solutions may address multiple threats, and that may help prioritize the threats.

  • Betsy Haskins reminded us not to lose track of water quality.

  • Lou pointed out that lack of baywide “plan” should say lack of baywide “effort” for a stronger.


Renee Brecht brought up van trip that DNREC in Delaware is planning for NJ stakeholders to engage more baywide coordination across state boundaries.


A vote was taken on the prioritization of the threats. The outcome was:


  • Shoreline erosion, #1

  • Economic threats, #2

  • Lack of baywide effort to address needs, #3


Norris asked Jonathan for his thoughts on the length. Jonathan recommended that we limit 1 paragraph threat; 1 paragraph ask; 1 paragraph budget, with access to more information. No more than 1 page per threat, maximum. We should use links to our website when possible.


The Committees are to draft policy recommendations, with the drafts to be due in one month, and the final document in October.


The following were discussed as possible asks:

  • Mouth of Maurice River (Rick will provide statistics for)

  • Nantuxet Creek (concern that we could lose industry oyster)

  • Pilot funding


The following committees were selected:


Shoreline Erosion - Meghan Wren, Ben Stowman, Emma Melvin, Bob Campbell

Economic: Carol Mattesick, Fran Rapa, Meghan Wren

Coordinated effort: Rick Brown, Lou Joyce


Dissemination: Jonathan recommends State coordinate with federal agencies and send to USACE, Congressman LoBiondo, etc.


The following guidelines were established for those working on the threats and asks: supply supporting documentation to go on website; and use Word document. Cross referencing certain items like infrastructure will likely be reflected in more than one threat.


Written documents are due by September 29th.


The draft will be completed the following month, October.


The next meeting: Oct 12, 1:30, Dennisville Municipal